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Dikpalas And Elephants In Hinduism - Eight Directions And Corresponding Elephants

In Hindu tradition, Ashta dikpalas are the eight deities that guard the eight quarters of the world. The eight deities protect the eight cardinal directions with the help of elephants. Eight elephants and their wives assist the Dikpalas – the protectors of the quarters.

The eight dikpalas and eight elephants are –

Indra – East – Airavata and his wife Abhramu (The name of the elephant that guards east is mentioned as Virupaksha in the Ramayana).

Agni – Southeast – Pundarika and his wife Kapila.

Yama – South – Vamana and his wife Pingala. (The name of elephant that guards south is mentioned as Mahapadma in the Ramayana).

Surya – Southwest – Kumuda and his wife Anupama.

Varuna – West – Anjana and his wife Anjanavati. (Ramayana mentions Saumanasa as the elephant that guards West).

Vayu – Northwest – Pushpadanta and his wife Shubhadanti.

Kubera – North – Sarvabhauma and his Tamrakarna. (Ramayana mentions Himapandara as the elephant that guards North).

Soma (Chandra) – Northeast – Supratika and his wife Anjanavati