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Thiru Nayathode Siva Narayana Temple Festival Near Angamaly – Ernakulam

Thiru Nayathode Siva Narayana temple is located at Nayathode (around 3 km south of Angamaly) in Ernakulam district, Kerala. Thiru Nayathode Siva Narayana temple festival 2024 date is January 15 to January 19. The 5-day annual festival begins on Makar Sankranti day.

It is said that the temple used to earlier hold 10-day festival.

For the temple festival in the same pit two different flag posts are erected. The vahana of Shiva is offered puja in the south and the vahana of Vishnu is offered puja in the north just before kodiyettam or flag hoisting.

For the ezhunnallathu there is only one kolam but there are two thidambu.

There is no Utsava Bali during the annual festival.

The main murti in the temple is Shivling but the important pujas are offered to Vishnu. Both the deities face east. The Upa Devata in the temple is Ganapathy.

The puja to Vishnu is performed in between the Shiva puja. Naivedya is prepared in two different vessels. Mula, Panchagavya and Navagam are prepared separately for both the deities.

Thiru Nayathode Siva Narayana Temple History

As per history, the older name of this temple was Parameswara Mangalam.

It is believed that Cheraman Perumal built the temple for the redemption of the sin he committed by killing his guru.

The king had brought Vaishnava Kovattadikal from Tamil Nadu to consecrate the murti in the temple. As Kovattadikal was a Vishnu devotee the temple has numerous Vaishnava rituals.

It is said that once Ambalavasikal denied their service in the temple. Then Nairs were given the role of Ambalavasikal.

Mahakavi G Sankara Kurup had worked in the temple as Puja Koottukaran.

The temple is a classic example of Shaiva and Vaishnava tradition.

Parvati Mangalam Ritual For Early Marriage

The Shiva worshipped in the temple is considered to be Vivaha Dhaanya Nirathan. Therefore special ritual known as Parvati mangalam or Paramangalam is held for early marriage and as a solution to all kinds of marriage related problems.

The ritual consists of prayers and a naivedya consisting of Idangazhi rice (ari).

From 1972, the temple is maintained by a committee of villagers and by Uzhanma Devaswom board.

There are temples dedicated to Durga, Sastha and Sri Krishna in the vicinity of the temple.