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Teachings Of Shri Guru Govind Maharaj Of Anandvan Sansthan

Be humble and have love and compassion for your fellow human beings.

By living a simple life and remembering God’s name at all times, you will achieve ultimate salvation

Remain always calm and composed, through happy and sad moments in life.

Remain in a state of bliss by continuously chanting the name of Bhagavan.

Bhagavan is everywhere, even inside your heart. It is just that we are not looking properly.

Humility is the greatest offering.

Silence helps one to realize Bhagavan.

Avoid unwanted talks. Such rubbish talks lead one to problems.

Simple and honest life opens the doors to self realization.

Siddh Paramhans Shri Guru Govind Maharaj - a Digambar saint, who lived during the 19th century