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Teachings From Shikshapatri Of Swaminarayan Sect

Shikshapatri, originally written by Lord Swaminarayan, is read daily by the Swaminarayan devotees. Here is a collection of few teachings from Shikshapatri.

Even the most learned of men will become morally declined if he is not involved in devotion to God and in good acquaintance.

The killing of any animal such as a goat, etc., for the purpose of sacrificing to the Gods and Pitris, must not be practiced; because it is declared, that abstinence from injury to others is the highest of all duties.

Narayana and Shiva should be equally regarded as manifestations of one and the same Universal Spirit, since both have been declared in the Vedas to be forms of Brahman.

An unrighteous act that may have been committed by great persons in former times must not be imitated; but their virtuous conduct only is to be imitated.

Whenever a wicked person abuses them or beats them they shall never abuse him nor beat him, in return, but shall pardon him and always wish good of him.

Know you all, qualified monotheism, Vishishtadvaita is the doctrine of philosophy, favor, Golok is the Abode Divine, dear to Me, and in that Abode with Body Divine, to be in Service of Lord Shri Krishna, is the final beatitude according to Me.