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Swami Adbhutananda on Experience and Elucidation

There is only one Truth, but there are so many ways of experiencing it. And there ought to be as many faiths as there are experiences of God. Authentic and important faiths are but statements of men’s realization of their own inherent godhood.

Look how experiences and statements of them differ in such objective matters as the sun. An African’s feeling for the sun is quite different from that of a Laplander. The former believes that it shines twelve hours a day, while the latter holds that is shines for six months a year. Yet it is the same sun. Similarly is the experience of God.

Though we all realize the one Beloved, ways of stating Him are quite different. Yet all of them verify and magnify his thousand-facedness. In the end we discover that all those faces that we have looked upon are but faces of our own immortal Self.
Swami Adbhutananda