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Phulaich Festival In Kinnaur - Himachal Pradesh

Phulech Festival, also known as Phulaich festival, is a riotous celebration of flowers in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. It is held between August – September and October – November when the hills and valleys of Kinnaur are in blossom.

How Is Phulaich Festival Observed?

Groups of men, women and children climb a nearby hill carrying the village deity with them and drinking phasar, locally distilled liquor. Though the climb is merry, all fall silent on the hill top, where Goddess Kali is said to reside.

On the hill top, Goddess Kali is worshipped and offered the phasar. Then the flower-gathering begins, some are offered to Goddess Kali and some to the village deity.

By the late afternoon, the flower pickers return to the village and everyone gathers in the temple compound called the Santhang, to sing, rock the deity in its palanquin and dance.

A highlight of the event is when the priest utters an incantation causing the local Grokch or Gur to be possessed by the divine spirit, thereby uttering the commands of deity while the temple musicians play.