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Oottukulangara Bhagavathy Temple At Peruvemba – Famous For Chanthattam

Oottukulangara Bhagavathy temple is located around 1.5 km from Peruvemba in Palakkad district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali and is famous for a unique Kerala temple ritual known as Chanthattam.

The darshanam of Oottukulangara Bhagavathy is towards north. Shiva is seen on her left side and Vishnu Bhagavan on her right side. The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Kalabhairavan, Nagaraja and Rakshas.

Bhadrakali worshipped here is in Swayambhu form (self-incarnated). Since the murti was found under the shade of an Ashoka tree, the tree itself was chosen as the roof of the temple.

The main offering in the temple is Chanthatam also known as Patham Padhiyam. As the Goddess is covered with Chanthu devotees cannot see her. The ritual is performed on the Monday or Thursday after the 41 day Mandala Kalam. Chanthattam happens on the last week of December (after December 26). The ritual is held from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM. All devotees are allowed to freely enter the inner portals of the temple and reach very near to the goddess.

The preparation for the ritual begins from the first day Malayalam month of
Vrischikam (November 16). Vilakku (lighting of lamps in the temple and special pooja) is daily performed from the first day of Vrischika masam to chanthattam festival. The
chanthattam is celebrated after 41 Niravilaku.

The Chanthu is prepared using a piece of wood near the root of a fully grown teak tree. The piece of teak tree is scraped and boiled in a copper vessel. The liquid thus obtained is mixed with Gorochana and Kasturi. The Chanthu is prepared and brought to the temple by Vithinisseri Mannadiyar family.

As per local legend the deity worshipped in the temple is referred to as Panan Kanda Paradevata. It is believed that people of Panan community had seen the Tejas of Bhagavathi and had reported it to the local ruler. The temple earlier belonged to Mannattu and Naduvathu family.

Raktha Chandan, elephants and materials related to fireworks are not supposed to be brought into the temple complex.

Thoovasserimannu is a Keezhedam of this temple.