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Kurumpilavu Thiruvanikavu Devi Temple Chirakkal

 Thiruvanikavu Devi temple is located at Chirakkal Kurumpilavu in Thrissur district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. The murti here is carved in wood – Dharu Vigraham. The darshanam of Kurumpilavu Thiruvanikavu Devi is towards west.

The main upa devata worshipped in the temple is Ganapathi.

The main annual festival observed in the temple is Kumbha Bharani (February – March).

Velichappadu has an important role in the temple. Prasadam distributed by a person from Parayan community along with Velichappadu.

The temple is now managed by Chittoor Mana. Earlier a committee formed by local people was managing the temple but due to difference of opinion it was given to Chittoor Mana.

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