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Jataka Parijata – Vaidyanatha Dikshita – Hindu Astrology Treatise

Jataka Parijata is a treatise on Hindu astrology by Vaidyanatha Dikshita. It is a simplified version based on classical works. Its verses are easier and simpler to remember than the terse aphorisms of the original texts.

Jataka Parijata consists of eighteen chapters, dealing with details of rashis, grahas, adhan, balavasta, longevity, raja yoga and its cancellation, non-luminous sub-plants, ashtaka varga, bhava results, female horoscope, kalachakra and ududasas.

The sadbalas (six strengths of planetary position) have been dealt with. Simple rules for calculating the strength of each planet according to rashi, bhava, day, time, etc., have been given. Grahas (planets) have been described in an unambiguous way. Inauspicious effects of native asterisms are described in detail.

There is a detailed discussion on kalachakra based on nakshatra pada (the position of asterism) in the wheel of time, clockwise as well as counter-clockwise, along with that of gulika (the auspicious period).

Several other topics found in Brihat Parasari Hora and Brhat Jataka do not find place in this simplified text.