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Jagjivan Das – Exponent Of The Satnami Sect

Jagjivan Das, also known as Jagjivana Swami, was an exponent of the Satnami sect. He was born on Tuesday, the seventh day of the bright half of the month Magha (January – February) in 1670 CE in the village of Sarahada, Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. He remained a householder and started preaching in the village of Kotwa in the same district where he was born. According to Satnami tradition, his guru was Maharaja Vishveshwara Puri.

Teachings of Jagjivan Das were collected by his followers and compiled in three books, Jnana Prakasha, Maha Pralaya and Pradhana Grantha. The Aghavinasa, sacred book of the Satnamis, assert that there is only one God, having no form or color. He incarnates himself in order to protect his devotees.

The goal of Satnami is to adore and realize God, live a simple life and recite his name. All saints, who follow the path of bhakti (devotion), deserve to be venerated.

Jagjivan Das had four disciples, known as the four props of the sect – Dulanadasa, Gosaindasa, Devidasa and Khemadasa.

Jagjivan Das passed away at the age of 90 in 1760 CE on the seventh day of the bright half of the month of Baisakh (April – May).

Followers of the Satnami sect wear white and black thread on their right wrist, while the saints of the sect wear the same on both wrists. The mahant (chief priest) also wears a crescent-shaped cap ad carries a rosary of black rosewood.