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Eyyal Karthyayani Temple – Information – Pooram Festival - Madhura Vela

Eyyal Karthyayani temple is located at Eyyal in Thrissur district, Kerala. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Goddess Karthyayani and the deity is a Desha Devata. The darshanam of Eyyal Karthyayani Devi is towards west. Importance is given to Goddess Bhadrakali who is an Upa Devata here.

The vigraham of Goddess Bhadrakali is Kannadi Shila. Bhadrakali faces north in the temple. The belief is that Goddess Kali arrived here from Kodungallur (avahichu kondu varika).

The other Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Ayyappa, Shiva and Kshetrapala.

The annual pooram festival is held on Karthika nakshatra in Medam month (April – May). The pooram festival is famous for the participation of no less than 24 elephants.

Madhura Vela is held on the next day of pooram festival on Rohini nakshatram. The festival and rituals are performed by Mannanmar. An important ritual during the Madhura Vela is the Thendu Parikkuka. A cloth is tied around on the top of the middle portion of plantain (Vazhapindi). The plantain is made to stand on the ground. Pujas are performed to it. Later the Vazhapindi is uprooted and is thrown in a nearby rivulet (vadakke thodu). After this ritual, kuruthi is performed.

Kalamezhuthu Pattu is held on the 41st day of Mandala Kalam.

It is said that temple earlier had four ponds. The shrine also belonged to 16 families.

Eyyal Guha is located nearby. Paramel Sri Krishna temple is located atop a rock nearby.