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Chirakkara Devi Temple – History – Gods Worshipped – Information

Chirakkara Devi temple is located at Chirakkara, around 2.5 km from Kalluvathukkal junction, in Kollam district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi.

The huge temple compound has two shrines – meloottu and keezhootu. Meloottu is dedicated to Bhagavathy and keezhootu is dedicated to Yogeeswaran. It is said that a commander in chief of Chirakkal army who came to help the Travancore king became the Yogeeswaran. Some people believe the place only initially had Yogeeshwaralayam.

Kalamezhuthum and Pattu are held in the temple. A festival is held here on Bharani and Karthika nakshatra in Kumbham month. The festival sees the participation of four karas of the region.

A 10-day festival which includes Kettukazhcha begins on the Uthram nakshatra day in Kumbham month with kodiyettam.

The Devi shrine is believed to have been built by Travancore king, Udaya Marthanda Varma. The shrine is constructed in wood. The shrine consists of ancient Kerala style arayum nirayum. The ancient sreekovil is located inside the ara.

In the sanctum sanctorum, Goddess Durga Devi is flanked by Shiva on the right side and Bhadrakali on the left side. Ganapathi is worshipped in the kannimoola. Veerabhadra and Sastha are worshipped outside the Chuttu Mathil. Brahmarakshas is worshipped on the northeast side. The shrine also has pratishta of Madan, Marutha and Pey.

There is a kalithattu in the temple compound.

The temple finds mention in the 14th century literary work Unnuneeli Sandesam. The shrine is referred to as Kali temple in the classic.