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Breaking Away From The Flock - Collection Of Thoughts

This is a collection of thoughts not an article.

Setting sun teaches us about the impermanence of life. Everything has to undergo change. But setting is not the end. There is new life. Unhappiness is because we seek permanence in an impermanent universe  

Like the sun, life appears on a morning and starts a crescendo. By noon, it reaches its zenith. By evening, it is time to fade away. Again life reappears in the morning.

Breaking away from the flock requires courage. But the breaking away should be for a good reason and for a good purpose. It should be not just to satisfy the ego or being different for the sake of different.

There is no other home, heaven, or hell for us mortals. This is our only home – our final abode. It is for us to decide whether we want to make our home heaven or hell.

Preparing to exit the world with ease and peace is an art we need to master.

Real conquest is the conquest of the senses. This victory leads to permanent happiness. It can never be taken away.

Mind can never be controlled in the first, second or 100th attempt. None of these attempts are failures. But they make you more and more powerful. Finally, all these attempts will make you conquer the mind.

The door to excellence is unlocked by those who did not give up trying. Why blame god, fate and bad luck when you never kept trying. Continuous fall of raindrops makes a hole in the hard rock. Never give up keep trying.

We are tormented by desires daily. We are disillusioned when desires are not fulfilled. There is one desire that we give up easily and are not even disillusioned after giving up. That is the desire to succeed and the desire to reach our full potential. 

Traditions and practices in Hinduism are to make sure that that the mind remains controlled and positively directed towards the Supreme Truth.

Know our needs. Put effort in fulfilling essential needs. Avoid wasting energy in trying to find happiness through external factors. Use the saved energy to realize the Truth.

Peace of simple life is unexplainable. But difficulties caused by materialistic life can be defined and we all know it.

Put an end to all unnecessary things in life. Then we can enjoy a peaceful life. In the beginning, we might find it difficult but with the constant practice and prayer we can achieve positive result. 

In the most trying of circumstances our real friend is our knowledge and proper understanding of the universe.

Selflessness is the quality of all heroes. 

Accidents happen due to a higher plan. But what we often see around us are not divine accidents but mistakes – result of ignorance of human beings in the form of anger, desire, avarice and selfishness.

Insecurity takes the life out of any relationship. 

An insecure person makes his/her life a hell and it affects those around.

Without enthusiasm it is impossible to acquire any kind of knowledge.