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Akshara Puja Dedicated Goddess Saraswati During Navratri

Akshara puja is a unique ritual dedicated to Goddess Saraswati during Navratri in Kerala. This is performed on the Vijayadashami day.

The members of the family take bath and sit in padmasana posture in the puja area or in the courtyard or verandah. A Lamp or nilavilakku is lit.

Sand is placed in front of each person. All the members of the family including men, women and children take part in this ritual.

The elder member of the family chants a Saraswati mantra. This mantra is repeated by the other members of the family.

After this all the people in the family write ‘Hari Shri Ganapataye Namaha’ in sand. After this they write all the letters in Malayalam alphabet.

After finishing the sand is collected and thrown on the roof of the house.

Some people write in paper and tear the paper and throw it on the rooftop.

Some people write on unakkalari in a silver or copper plate. The rice too is thrown on roof top.

Food and water is taken on the day only after this ritual.