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Advaita Vedanta Quotes From Tripura Rahasya

A collection of teachings and quotes from Tripura Rahasya. Tripura Rahasya is an ancient Hindu literary work in Sanskrit narrated by Dattatreya to Parashurama. It was considered by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi as one of the greatest works that expounded Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

The supreme wisdom is that which ends the delusion that anything exists apart from myself (Mother Goddess Shakti). The fruit of this realization is fearlessness and the end of sorrow.

When one realizes that all the limitless universes are a fraction of an atom in the unity of my being, that all the numberless lives in the universes are a wisp of vapor on one of my breaths, That all triumphs and tragedies, the good and evil in all the worlds, are merely games I play for own amusement, Then life and death stand still, And the drama of individual life evaporates like a shallow pond on a warm day.

Only those who do not need to engage in action are happy; they are perfectly content and self contained, and they experience happiness that extends to all the pores of the body…

He is a fool who misjudges good precepts for falsehood.

Misery is not absence of happiness, but limited happiness. For as happiness recedes misery pours in…

Faith is like a fond mother who can never fail to save her trusting son from dangerous situations.

The Self does not admit of specification, and therefore no teacher can teach it. However, realize the Self within you, for it abides in unblemished intellect.

It pervades all, beginning from the personal God to the amoeba; but it is not cognizable by the mind or senses; being itself unillumined by external agencies, it illumines all, everywhere and always. It surpasses demonstration or discussion.

As long as you are contaminated with notions of me or mine (e.g., my home, my body, my mind, my intellect), the Self will not be found, for it lies beyond cognition and cannot be realized as ‘my Self’.

Retire into solitude, analyze and see what those things are which are cognized as mine; discard them all and transcending them, look for the Real Self.

Analyze everything in this way and discard it. What remains over, transcending at all, beyond conception, appropriation, or relinquishment – know That to be the Self. That knowledge is final emancipation.