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Teachings From Shiva Sutras

A collection of teachings from Shiva Sutras.

Apparent knowledge vitiated by the illusions of mind is the cause of bondage of the Jiva in the physical world.

The tremendous effort and energy required in the manifestation of a universe comes from the Divine Will of Siva, the Universal Consciousness, and appears initially through akasa as nada or integrated ‘Sound’ from which all forms of vibration and modes of motion in the realm of manifestation are derived.

Teachings From Shiva Sutras

By contemplation on the Centre through which Divine Power manifests the universe, (physical) consciousness reverts to its original pure state, Pure Consciousness, and the universe as a separate mental phenomenon disappears

Supreme Consciousness is the turiya (fourth) state of consciousness beyond the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep. This state is eternal and the other three states come and go in it. As the turiya state alone exists and as the three preceding states merge into it and disappear, the turiya state transcends itself and becomes the turiyatita. The Self is the turiyatita, beyond the fourth, state of consciousness.