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Story - Two Yogis And Their Day Of Liberation

Swami Vivekananda used to tell the story of two yogis whom Sage Narada once met on his way to heaven.

One of the yogis had sat meditating until the white ants built a huge mound on his body.

The other yogi was jumping around singing and dancing.

Both of them requested Narada to find out from the Lord, when they would be liberated.

Accordingly, while returning from heaven, Narada told the first yogi that he would attain freedom in four more births. At this, the man began to weep and wail: ‘I have meditated until an ant-hill has grown around me, and I have four more births yet!’ 

To the dancing yogi, Narada said that he would have to take birth as many times as the number of leaves on the tamarind tree that stood nearby. The man began to dance for joy, and said: ‘I shall have freedom after such a short time!’

A divine voice rang out: ‘My child, you will have freedom this minute.’ That was the reward for his perseverance. He was ready to work through all those births; nothing could discourage him.

Thoughts like ‘I have not attained anything’ or ‘How far have I progressed’ etc. are hindrances in the path of liberation.