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Story Of Goddess Bala Sundari Devi In Himachal Pradesh

Goddess Balasundari Devi is a powerful goddess worshipped in the Sirmaur region in Himachal Pradesh. Her most important temple is located at Trilokpur, 24 kms from Nahan. The story of Bala Sundari Devi is associated with intense devotion of a devotee.

Once, there lived a salt merchant named Ram Dass in Sirmaur who was an ardent devotee of Mother Goddess Shakti. Once, he brought a bag of salt from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. No matter how much salt he sold from the bag, the quantity remained undiminished. The merchant thought this as a blessing of Mother Goddess Shakti but remained puzzled.

One night Balasundari Devi appeared to him in a dream and revealed that she had traveled in the bag and slid into the roots of the peepal tree in his courtyard that he worshipped every day. She was very pleased with his devotion and expressed her desire to be enshrined in the Sirmaur region and be worshipped by him and his descendants.

Ram Dass expressed his financial inability to set up a temple. Thereupon the Devi disclosed her wish in a dream to Raja Pradeep Prakash of the region. The Raja got a temple built at Trilokpur in 1573 and his descendants, Fateh and Raghuvir Prakash, renovated the shrine in 1823 and 1851.

The 19th generation of the descendants of Ram Dass still attends to the aarti of the Devi and receives the traditional fee from the royal family, set at Rupees 31 per annum by their forefathers.