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Sree Karpureswara Temple Poonkavanam In Kanhangad – History

Sree Karpureswara Temple is located near fort in Kanhangad in Kasaragod district, Kerala. The temple is also known as Poonkavanam. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Shiva and he faces west.

The Upa Devatas worshiped in the temple are Ganapathi, Durga, Vishnu, Sastha and Subrahmanian. The main festival observed in the temple is Mahashivratri.

The temple belonged to Agathiyanmar who were Shivalli Brahmins. The fort and temple was constructed by Somashekara Nayikar in 1731 CE. He was a Badanur Nayikar or Ikkeri Nayakar from South Canara.

It is said that the control of the temple was given to Agathiyanmar in 1875 CE by British.