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Priya Pravas Of Hariaudh - Information

Priya Pravas is one of the most important literary works of Hariaudha – penname of Ayodhya Sing Upadhyaya, an eminent Hindi writer. In Priya Pravas, Hariaudh depicted Radha and Krishna not as a pair of romantic lovers but as those who reformed society and redeemed the country from distress. The literary work was written between 1909 and 1913 CE.

Interpreting an important legend in Hinduism in a manner suited to modern times required not only courage but also a command over language.

Significantly, in Priya Pravas, the poet used classical Sanskritmeters. He succeeded admirably in describing the agony of the gopis at being separated from Krishna.

Hariaudh started his journey in Braj Bhasha but soon switched over to Khadi Boli, the modern Hindi was called then and enriched it profusely. If Priya pravas is the first Hindi (modern) epic, then surely he is the first great poet of this language.

Hariaudh (1865 – 1947) was renowned for his encyclopedic knowledge in various dialects of Hindi and remembered for his service to this language at a time when it was passing through its most critical phase.