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Nari Pooja In Chakkulathukavu Temple – Story – Priests Wash Feet Of Women

Nari Puja is an important ritual observed at Chakkulathukavu Temple in Alappuzha district, Kerala. In the ritual, the temple priests wash feet of women and honor them. Chakkulathukavu Nari Pooja 2023 date is December 22. It is observed on the first Friday of Dhanu month.

Chakkulathukavu Nari Pooja Story

Once a rare and important puja and ritual was taking place inside the main temple compound. The temple authorities and priests asked women to vacate the temple compound so that they conduct the puja. Except for an old lady, rest of the women left the temple compound. The temple authorities and the priests forcefully removed her from the temple compound but with much difficulty.

As soon as the old lady stepped out of the temple compound, there was a huge wind. All the puja items flew away. All the lamps in the temple were extinguished by the strong wind.

Soon dogs started howling. Owls appeared in the sky. Sounds of wolves were heard in the distance. Crows and other birds started making sound. Snakes appeared in the temple compound. Some trees in the neighborhood started to fall down. The bad omens created fear among the people.

Soon, the Velichappadu or oracle the temple started a frenzy dance. He started muttering unrecognizable words. Then he muttered out that if women are thrown out of the temple compound. Then it is better to throw me out too of the temple.

People soon realized that the old woman was Chakkulathukavu Amma – Mother Goddess of temple. The priests and authorities went to find her but she was not to be seen.

For the mistake they committed, the priests washed the feet of all the women present there and honored them.

Soon the bad omens disappeared and normalcy was restored.

In memory of this divine event, Nari puja is observed on the first Friday in Dhanu Masam.

Chakkulathukavu Temple is the only shrine in which women arrive with irumudi kettu just like men going to Sabarimala.

Chakkulathukavu Temple facts

The murti worshipped in the temple is swayambhu or of divine origin. The murti was found by Sage Narada inside an anthill. He had installed the murti.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Shiva, Vishnu, Sastha, Sarpam or nagas, Murugan, Navagrahas, Radha and Krishna, Veera Hanuman, Ashtamurti and Yakshi.

Yakshi is of great importance in the temple.

People of all religion are allowed entry in the temple.

From Dhanu Masam 1 to Dhanu Masam 12 festival known as Pantrandu Nombu Utsavam is observed. Women carry irumudi kettu during the 12-day festival.

The Pongala festival in the temple is attended by more than 100,000 women devotees.

Families bring drunkards to the shrine and make them swear by touching the weapon of Goddess to not to have alcohol.

Velichucholli prarthana is conducted on the first Friday of every Malayalam month. Devotees together chant prayers on the day loudly.

Medicinal water is distributed on all Fridays. The water is believed to cure skin diseases and diseases related to blood. The medicinal water has properties of numerous green leaves and Ayurvedic medicines.

Special pujas are offered to Naga Devatas in the shrine on Ayilyam Nakshatra in Kanni month.