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Kuttamath Someshwari Temple – Cheruvathoor

Kuttamath Someshwari temple is located at Cheruvathoor on the Payyanur – Kanhangad road in Kasaragod district, Kerala. Goddess Durga is worshipped as Someshwari. There are three prathishta murtis in the main sreekovil which is 18.75 kol in length (44.5 feet). The three deities worshipped in the temple are Someshwari, Kshetrapalan and Madathil Bhagavathi.

As per history initially temple only had the murti of Madathil Bhagavathi. Someshwari and Kshetrapalan were consecrated later.

The opening of the Bhagavathi Sanctum is towards west and it is never opened. Instead of door there are windows in the sreekovil. Kshetrapalan does not have a nada. Only Ambalavasikal are allowed inside the temple. Women worship from outside. Pregnant women do not visit the temple.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Sastha, Ganapathi, Veerabhadra, Shivan and Vishnu.

The annual festival in the temple is held for five days in Kumbham month with Karthika nakshatra being the most important date. Another important festival is held on Thrikarthika nakshatra day in Vrischikam month.

Thidambu Nirtham is held in the temple giving equal importance to Someshwari and Goddess Bhagavathi.

The temple belonged to Thazhekattu mana and earlier Satya Pariksha was held in the shrine.

The temple is noted for its sculptures.