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Kunnekkattu Bhagavathy Temple Thennilapuram Information - History - Vela Festival

Kunnekkattu Bhagavathy temple is located at Thennilapuram on the Erattakulam - Vaniyampara Road adjoining Palakkad – Thrissur National Highway in Palakkad district. The shrine, also known as Rajarajeswari Sree Kunnekkattu Bhagavathy, is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali.

The darshanam of the deity is towards north. The murti worshipped here is Daruvigraham, which is nearly 4 feet tall. As it is a daruvigraham, chanthattam is performed here.

The main Upa Devata of the temple is Chathan (Mookan Chathan). Kalasham is offered to the deity.

The most important festival in the temple is the Kunnekkattu Bhagavathy Vela and it is observed on the Ayilyam nakshatra in Meenam month (March – April). Devi is taken for procession on a specially decorated chariot on the second day morning during the Vela celebrations. Other important festivals and rituals are Kathirvela on Vrischikam 11, Ponnin Poovu and Kooriyidal on Kumbham 1, Kalamezhuthu Pattu and Thalappoli on Kumbham 10. Chanthattam is held twice a year on Ayilyam nakshatram in Karkidakam and Makaram months.

The annual prathishta festival is also held in Malayalam Meena Masam.

Kunnekkattu Bhagavathy Temple History

An ardent devotee of Kodungallur Bhagavathy used to go on pilgrimage to Kodungallur every year. With the advancing age and resultant debility, he felt that he would not be able to continue the pilgrimage in the coming years. On his way back after an annual pilgrimage, he felt tired and worn out and rested on a hilltop overgrown with weeds and bushes.

He placed his traditional thatched umbrella and sat underneath a tree and rested for a while. When he decided to restart his journey, to his surprise, he was unable to lift his umbrella. Perplexed and confused, he thought that this could be due to the unhappiness of Bhagavathy on his decision not to undertake future pilgrimages owing to his advanced age. He fervently prayed for forgiveness. Then suddenly, he heard a blissful voice of Devi who told him that She was pleased with his devotion and he need not visit Kodungallur in future. The Goddess would stay here on the hill top for him and others to worship.

The temple belonged to Kavalappara Nair who is believed to belong to the lineage of Karakkal Amma of the Parayi Petta Panthirukulam fame. The temple is now governed and maintained by a committee of villagers.