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Keraladithyapuram Sree Krishna Swamy Temple In Vayalar – History – Rituals

Keraladithyapuram Sree Krishna Swamy temple is located at Vayalar in Allappuzha district, Kerala. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Sri Krishna Bhagavan. The darshanam of the deity is towards east.

There is a huge pond in front of the temple. Legend has it that three murtis were retrieved from Kelankulam (pond). One murti was consecrated at the Keraladithyapuram Sree Krishna Swamy temple and another one was installed at Maruthorvattom. The remaining one murti was put back in the pond.

The 8-day annual festival in the temple concludes with arattu on the Thiruvathira nakshatra day in Kumbham month (February – March).

Pitru Bali rituals are conducted on the Karutha Vavu days (Amavasya or no moon days) in Thulam, Kumbham and Karkidakam months.

The temple belonged to Vayalar Puthiyakal Kovilakam.