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Kavalayoor Maha Vishnu Temple

Kavalayoor Maha Vishnu temple is located at Manamboor village in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala. The temple is located around 2 kms from Alangottu. There are two temples at Kavalayoor known as Mele Kshetram and Thazhe Kshetram. One temple is dedicated to Vishnu and another to Shiva. The Vishnu temple has more importance here.

As one travels towards the temple, a devotee first comes across the Vishnu temple. The temple has a circular sanctum (vatta sreekovil). The deity worshiped in the temple is nearly 6.5 feet and it faces east. The belief is that that the deity worshipped in the temple is the Parashurama form of Vishnu (Parashurama sankalpam). Sastha temple is located on the southern side of the sanctum. The kshetrapala Garuda is worshipped on the northern side. On the right side of Garuda there is the Naga pratishta.

The Shiva temple is known as Veluthel Mahadevan. It is said that this was the main temple. Shiva temple faces east. Nandi and Ganapathi are worshipped in the mandapa. There is the presence or chaithanya of Ayiravalli Amma in the thidapalli of the temple. On the right side of sreekovil there is a pratishtha of Goddess Arakkal Amma.