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Kattakampal Bhagavathy Temple – History – Festival Kattakampal Pooram

Kattakampal Bhagavathy temple is located at Kattakampal near Kunnamkulam in Thrissur district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Shiva. But importance is given to Bhagavathy who is the Upa Devata. The famous Kattakampal Pooram is held on the Pooram nakshatram in Medam month. The major highlight of the festivals are the Kali Darika samvadam, Yudham and Darika vadham. The festival concludes with the Pooram pageantry famous for caparisoned elephants, temple music and fireworks. 

The Bhagavathy worshipped here is in Bhadrakali Sankalpam. The temple is also one among the 108 Shiva temples in Kerala and the Shivling in the shrine was installed by Parashurama.

Shiva faces west and Goddess Kali faces east. The other Upa Devatas in the temple are Ayyappan, Ganapathi and Nagarajavu.

The naivedya to Goddess Bhadrakali is uncooked Ada.

The popular belief is that Goddess Bhadrakali arrived here inside a pot (kudam) from Kanyakumari along with Achuthath Moosath who was the Kazhakam of Kadavallur Sree Rama temple. During annual festival, pot is used for ezhunnallathu.

The annual festival in the temple is held on the Pooram nakshatra in Medam month and is famous as Kattakampal Pooram. The most important event during the annual festival is Kali Darika Vadham. There will be five Darikas during the annual festival. The role of Darika is played by Kallettu Kurups. Once they have shaved their head for playing the role, the Kurups need not follow pula even if their mother dies. The people playing various roles do not see each other. Goddess Kali and Darikas arrive atop a theru or chariot carried by people on their shoulders. Goddess Kali goes around the ground hitting all the people including devotees. An important ritual is devotees running away from a ferocious Kali.

During Mandala season (November-December),  Kalam pattu is held for 41 days. 

The temple belonged to Panikattu, Palloru, Kanippayyur, Karippal and Maramattathu manas.