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Kanathur Mahavishnu Temple Near Kannur – History

 Kanathur Mahavishnu temple is located a kilometer from Akashvani Station in Kannur. The shrine is dedicated to Mahavishnu. The prathishta murti in the temple was at first located near a sea and the consecration of it there was performed by Parashurama.

As per history, the original murti worshipped in temple was swept away by the sea. The murti was later discovered by fishermen. They gave it to Kattumadam Mana. During this period, Chirakkal king was building a temple and the murti was consecrated in the shrine.

History also states that the temple belonged to Vasupuram Swamiyar and later it came under the control of Kattumadam Mana.

The annual festival is observed for three days during Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in Vrischikam month.

The other important festivals observed in the temple are Sri Krishna Jayanti, Thrikarthika and Kuchela Dinam.

The temple performs Thulabharam ritual.