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Kaliyatta Kavu Temple At Moonniyur In Malappuram

Kaliyatta Kavu temple is located at Moonniyur village on the Kozhikode – Tirurangadi in Malappuram district in Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. The main deity in the temple is known as Ammancheri Amma.

The prathishta in the temple is known as Peeta Prathishta. The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathi, Mundiyan and Vettakkorumakan.

There are no daily puja in the temple. The temple is open for 41 days in Vrischikam month. (Mandala Kalam). Next the temple is open for 17 days in Edavam month. The 12-day annual festival is held during this period.

Kaliyatta Kavu temple festival is famous for Kozhi Kaliyattam.

The annual kaliyattam festival, also known as Thalappoli Utsavam is the most important event in the temple and it attracts scores of devotees. The main highlight of the festival is the procession of Kozhi Varavu or hen shaped effigies, made of bamboo and tender coconut leaves, and Kuthira Varavu (horse effigies).

The festival begins on the first Monday of Malayalam Edavam masam.

Devotees carry effigies as procession to the temple accompanied by percussion instruments. Conceived as divine forms, these effigies are brought from far places. After the ritualistic circumambulation the effigies will be destroyed near the temples. In the evening there will be Thalappoli.