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Griha Pravesh Rules In Hinduism – Entering Into New House For Living

Griha Pravesh is the religious ceremony performed at the time of occupying a house – first time entering into a new house for living. Here are the important Griha Pravesh rules in Hinduism.

In the ceremony of Griha Pravesh a puja called Vastu Shanti needs to be performed before occupying the house for the first time. It includes worship of Ganesha, the nine planets and the vastu (building or home) in the form of a vastu purusha (male deity). This particular ritual is expected to do away with any ill effects of unseen and unknown evil supernatural powers so that the inhabitants are not harmed by such powers in the future. The ritual is followed by holding a feast.

After the performance of the ritual, the entry into such a house has to be at a muhurta (astrologically fixed proper time). The auspicious months in which to enter a house are Vaishaka (April – May), Jyeshta (May – June), Magha (January – February) and Phalguna (February – March) as per Sage Narada.

If one occupies a house on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, it leads to prosperity and the owners get sons. The moon should preferably be in any one of the following nakshatras (constellations) – Rohini, Pushya or Poosam or Pooyam, Dhanishta or Avittam, Mrigashirsha or Makayiram, Shatataraka or Shatabhisha or Chathayam, Uttara Bhadrapada or Uthrittathi, Uttarashada or Uthradam and Uttara Phalguni or Uthram. These combinations would be auspicious for the occupant.

If the day for Griha Pravesh happens to be the first, sixth or eleventh day (nanda tithis of the lunar month), entry should be made from the southern side; if it is second, seventh or twelfth day (bhadra tithis), then from the eastern side.

The back of the householder at the time of entry should be towards Shukra or Venus and the Sun (Surya) should be on his left, according to Vasistha.

For the Griha Pravesh ceremony, the house should be decorated with garlands, flags and decoration with mango leaves on top of the door frame. Men and women should enter the house with pots full of water amidst chanting of Shanti mantras. The owner should enter the house, following them. That would be a proper Griha Pravesh according to Sage Vasishta.