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Cheruthazham Sree Kunninmathilakam Mahadeva Temple

Sree Kunninmathilakam Mahadeva temple is located at Cheruthazham village in Kannur district, Kerala. The temple is around 2 km from Ramapuram Palam on Payyur – Pazhayangadi road. The shrine is dedicated to Shiva and the darshanam of Shiva is towards east.

The Shivling worshipped in the temple is swayambhu. Shiva worshipped here is known as Sree Kunninmathilakathappan.

The deity is worshipped as Dakshinamoorthy in the morning, Kirathamoorthy at noon, and Umamaheshwara in the evening.

The popular belief is that Hanuman was carrying a Shivling for Sri Rama to be worshipped in Rameshwaram. Hanuman installed a portion of the Shivling at Cheruthazham and this is currently worshipped in the temple.

The Shivling is highly powerful and is believed to have been worshipped in Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga by Devas and Saints.

The temple had come under attack from invaders. The temple was renovated during 1980s.

The main Upa Devata worshipped in the temple is Ganapathi.

It is said that the temple belonged to Moolayil Chandra Mana. They donated it to Mangalathu Illam and left for Travancore.

The famous Sree Raghavapuram Temple – Hanumarambalam is located nearby.