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Akliyath Shiva Temple – Azhikode - Festivals - History

Akliyath Shiva temple is located at Azhikode in Kannur district, Kerala. The Sankalpam of Shiva worshipped in the temple is Kirata Murti. The darshanam of Akliyath Shiva is towards east.

The 6-day annual festival begins on Vishu (Medam 1 to Medam 6). Again festival is held on Medam 7 this symbolically means the temple is having festival throughout the year.

Another festival known as Aradhana Utsavam is held for 3 days in Makaram month. Neyyabhishekam is held during the three days.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Ayyappa and Bhagavathi. The temple has komaram.

A unique ritual known as koodal is held under the flag post in the temple. This is performed as a solution to communicable diseases.

Legend has it that the Shiva worshipped in the temple arrived here from Vaikom atop a traditional umbrella (olakuda).

Earlier the temple belonged to Konoth Gurukalachan, Varashari Ilam Namboothiri, Pattuvathu, Parayantharathil, Ponnakkadan, Kalikodu, and Kunjikkalillam.

The nearby temple associated with Akliyath Shiva temple includes Theruganapathi Mandapom, Palottukavu, Pandarathil Kandikavu,Vayalil Vadakke Koorba, and Noonakkara Bhagavathi (Thekke Cheeramba kavu). Komarams of these temples reach Akliyath Shiva temple.