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What Is Siriya Thirumadal?

Siriya Thirumadal is a composition of Thirumangai Alwar. It is the fourth of the author’s six compositions sung during festivals in Vaishnava temples. In Siriya Thirumadal, Alwar assumes the form of a lovelorn maiden in order to experience union with Bhagavan.

The poet participates, in his imagination, in the group dances led by Bhagavan Sri Krishna, placing himself in the position of a gopika, and complains as a neglected maiden, kept waiting by him: “My Bhagavan is not protecting me; he has no pity or mercy.” So saying, the Alwar assumes an independence, which is not expected of an obedient wife. She takes the liberty of admonishing Bhagavan and complaining about the delay in union with him.

In Siriya Thirumadal, Thirumangai Alwar states that the Purusottama (Best of Men) is the Bhagavan Sri Krishna himself. Other beings are all like his damsels. The poet sings of the pangs of separation. Rebuking Bhagavan Sri Krishna, the poet even says that the great deeds attributed to his incarnations were all false. But then his pledges of union and permanent union with Bhagavan only helps in happiness. This indeed is a unique approach for a devotee to adopt.