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We Carry The Whole World Around As Our Ego

We carry the whole world around with us, not on our shoulders but on our egos.

Besides, we do not want to mix our ego with other egos. We all know about the various stages of physical growth, but little of how the ego evolves. It is known that as the mind and the ego develop, so does their burden, and it can be said that the ego is a burden.

Most of the time we carry other people’s burdens as well.

There are many times in our lives when we would like to throw away all our heavy burdens, but we choose to carry this punishment around because we are too attached, weak, and ignorant to throw it away.

The ignorant ego is obsessed with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others, and becomes a megalomaniac. The world has seen powerful megalomaniacs bringing untold misery, destruction, and death in the world to satisfy their egos.

The ego is like a hungry demon that can never be satisfied but wants more and more.

The ego of ordinary people chafes under innumerable restraints and burns within and so burns others.

Excerpts from Prabuddha Bharata Magazine Nov 2013.

Opinion of Blog Writer

The only solution to the problem is to stop chasing the unreal and to merge in the real. The real is within us and in all animate and inanimate. The unreal is an illusion or Maya but it is that which drives us into unpleasant situations in everyday life.