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Universal Teachings From Sanatana Dharma On What Is God?

What is God? Universal teachings of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) explain the most misunderstood phenomenon known as God.

A true seeker clearly understands that the Self is not the body and detach it just as one extracts the pith of the ishika reed from its outer layers.

Father and mother bring only this body into existence. T h e birth which one takes from the Acharya is the true and immortal birth.

He (the guru) protects (the disciple) and makes him immortal.

It is neither white nor red, nor black nor silvery nor bluish. It is not found on earth nor in the sky, nor is it found in the waters of the ocean. It is not found in the stars or the lightning or the clouds or the air or the gods governing the sense organs or the sun or the moon or the Rig Veda or the Yajur Veda or the holy Sama Veda or the rathantara or the brihadratha. It is realized within oneself by him who practices great austerities.

It is not possible to transcend It. It is beyond darkness (ignorance). Everything finally enters into It at the time of destruction (of t he worlds). It is tinier than the tiniest and bigger than the mountains.

Everything shines in Its effulgence. The Knower of the Self perceives It by the yoga of Knowledge (jnana yoga). The entire world is based on It. Those who realize this become immortal.

From the Whole emerges the whole. Therefore it is said that what comes out of the Whole is the whole. The whole is taken away from the Whole. Still the Whole remains whole. Yogis clearly perceive Him, the Eternal Lord.

Like space and sky and ripples in the Ganga, everything, moving and unmoving rises from Brahman and merges in It. Yogis clearly perceive Him, the Eternal Truth.

There is nothing which can be compared to It. None can see it with the eyes. Those who realise it with the mind, the intellect and the heart become immortal.

Just as serpents, after killing men with their poison, hide themselves in caves, so also the sense organs, after beguiling foolish persons with pleasures, delude them and keep them (perpetually) in samsara.

A foolish person does not realise the Self in himself and therefore flounders about in the well of samsara. He who ignores the Self and enjoys sense pleasures is truly an ass.

Truth and untruth alike depend upon the one Reality. The origin of truth and untruth is one and the same.

It cannot be perceived (by all). Those who are extremely pure in mind perceive It. T h e wise man who is free (from likes and dislikes) perceives It clearly. Those who know It become immortal.

He who sees himself in all beings and is one with them everywhere, why should he grieve?

Just as one has no use for a reservoir when there is a big flood everywhere, so also a truly wise saint who knows Brahman (Reality) has nothing to gain from others.

Source Teachings of Sanatsujata to Dhritarashtra in the Mahabharata – Sanatsujatiya