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Thrimadhuram Offering In Kerala Temples

Thrimadhuram is an important offering in Kerala Hindu temples. Although it is offered in most temples, it has more importance in Sri Krishna temples. The Thrimadhuram prepared during Navratri and Vijaya Dasami in Goddess - Bhagavathi - temples is of great significance.

Thrimadhuram is prepared in Kerala temples using three ingredients. It is made using Kadalipazham (sweet banana variety in Kerala), honey and Jaggery or Kalkandam (rock candy). As all the ingredients are sweet the name Thrimadhuram.

In some temples, ghee is mixed along with the three sweet food items.

Thrimadhuram is mentioned in the Arthashastra of Chanakya and also in the Tantra Samuchayam of Chennas Narayanan Namboodiripad.

To prepare the Thrimadhuram, take sliced kadalipazham (sweet ripe bananas) in a bowl and add jaggery. Pour fresh honey until all the ingredients are well soaked.