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Story Of The Birth Of Gulika – Bad Time Period – Gulikan

Gulika or Gulikan is an inauspicious or bad time period in a day as per Hindu astrology. Gulika is the son of Shani Bhagavan. As per the story of the birth of Gulika, once Shani got into a fight with Guru (Brihaspati).

The fight happened due to the unethical behavior of Shani. Both the navagrahas got into a fierce battle. An arrow shot by Guru hit the forehead of Shani. When Brahma removed the arrow from the forehead of Shani, a deep blue jelly like substance fell down from the wound.

Soon a male appeared from the jelly like substance. The being had the shape of snake and had a fierce look. There were bad omens all around. Dark clouds appeared in the sky. There were signs of natural disasters. The being bowed to his father and Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Vishnu then named him Gulikan. As Shani was also known as Mandhan, his son came to be known as Mandhi. It is also said that Gulikan has also Mrityu as his name as he is responsible for death of people.

The period of 1.5 hours in a day when Gulikan is active is considered highly inauspicious. No good events should be performed during the period.