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Sade Sati Mantra – Overcome Sade Sati - How to Chant Sade Sati Nivaran Mantra?

Sade Sati mantra helps in alleviating the bad happenings in life because of the bad positioning of Shani Bhagavan (Saturn) in an individual’s horoscope or janam kundli. It is followed by those who believe in astrology. Below is the brief idea on how to chant Sade Sati Nivaran Mantra. There is also a list of things you can do to overcome Sade Sati.

Sade Sati Mantra

हृीं ओम् नम: शिवाय हृीं!
Hreem om namah shivaya hreem

How to Chant Sade Sati Nivaran Mantra?

  • Ideal time – Saturday early morning along with sunrise or just before sunset
  • Cloth color – White or red
  • Direction to face – north
  • First offer prayer to Ganesha.
  • Light lamp using sesame oil or til ka tel.
  • Creating a mental picture of Shiva in mind.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times using a Rudraksha Mala.
  • Sit in meditation.
  • Offer water to peepal tree on the day.

How to Overcome Sade Sati?

Donating Milk and Sweets on Saturday to poor people or orphans is highly helpful in overcoming the effects of Sade Sati.

Donating black color blanket (kambal) and black shoes to orphans will help in overcoming the troubles created by Sade Sati in life.

Feed cows especially black cow with roti, jaggery and chana (Chick Pea) is also considered helpful.

Feed dogs on saturday is another way to mitigate the effects of Sade Sati.

Feed monkeys with banana, sweet kheer, jaggery and chana too helps in softening Sade Sati effects.

Donating the following things on Pushya Nakshatra is believed to solve all hardships created by Sade Sati. The things to be donated on Pushya Nakshatra are coconut, banana, black til (sesame), Udad dal, iron, oil and black clothes.