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Kalabhakalasham In Bhagavathi Temples In Kerala

Kalabhakalasham is a unique ritual held on Bhagavathi temples in Kerala. The Devi worshipped in the temple is offered Kalabhakoottu. This is an abhishekam ritual in many Goddess temples in Kerala.

The koottu or mixture for the abhishekam ritual is made suing akil, kottam, ramacham, chandanam, guggulu, machi, kumkumapoovu and iruveli.

Another method of preparing the mixture is by mixing chandan, pacha karpooram, gorochana, kumkumam, verukinpuzhu and kastoori in panineer. This liquid form is then poured on the Devi vigraham in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

The mixture is filled in a pot or kalasham and pujas and rituals are performed. It is then poured on the vigraham. The ritual is performed to cool the deity. Devotees perform it for getting early cure to serious illness.