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Edanadu Durga Temple Near Kaladi

Edanadu Durga temple is located a kilometer from Sreemoolanagaram bus stop on the Aluva – Kalady – Kanjoor road in Ernakulam district. The temple is around 7 kms from Kalady and 3 kms from Thiruvairanikkulam Mahadeva Temple.

Goddess Durga worshipped in the temple not of Roudram bhavam. The height of the murti including the peedam is 5 feet. There are no ups devatas in the temple.

As per devotees the Durga worshipped here is Yoga Maya. When Kamsa attempted to kill the 8th child, the infant flinched from his hands by kicking on his chest and rose to sky and appeared like crores of Sun beams rise at a time; and that is the Bhava of the Prathishta in the temple.

The main festival in the temple is held for 8 days and ends on the Uthram nakshatra in Meenam month with arattu.

The murti in the temple was consecrated by Parashurama.

The temple complex includes pond, cellars, Sreemoolanagaram, monoliths, edifice, compound wall in Gajodara model, famous for its geometry, and a banyan tree.

The presence of Goddess was found when a woman attempted to sharpen her sickle by rubbing their tool on a piece of rock. Blood oozed from the rock. This rock which pointed towards the presence of Bhagavathi here can be still seen in the Sree Moolasthanam.