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Dya Dviveda – Author Of Nitimanjari – Moral Sayings

Dya Dviveda (1494 CE) is the author of Nitimanjari, a work on ethics (moral sayings). He lived in Anandnagar (modern Vadnagar, Gujarat). His father was Lakshmidhara and mother was Lakshmi. His grandfather was Atriand his great-grandfather was Mukunda. The whole family was traditionally engaged in Vedic studies.

Dya Dviveda was a suryopasaka (worshiper of Sun God) belonging to Sankhayana Saksha of Rig Veda and a performer of agnihotra. He was well versed in Vedic Samhitas, Brahmanas, Partisakhyas, Brihadevata, Sayanabhasya etc.

On the model of panchatantra and Hitopadesha he has written Niti Manjari (the science of morality, ethics) in verses and illustrated them with stories from Rig Veda. His interpretations of the Vedic stories show his originality. He has brought out novel ideals and morals from Vedic stories and has presented them in a lucid, simple and convincing manner. The morals, which he has found from the Vedic stories, reveal his profound wisdom. In short, he absorbed the Vedic cultural heritage, enriched it and gave to it a wider significance and scope.

Dya Dviveda has written 164 anustubha verses and quoted 188 Vedic mantras to illustrate moral principles. According to him, niti means “this should be performed and this should not be observed in life”. He calls his book Manjari, a cluster of flowers, in the form of the aforesaid moral sayings.

According to A.B.Dhruva, “Dya Dviveda has made a valuable contribution to literature not only as an erudite Vedic scholar, but as one who knows how to utilize the Vedic legends of hoary antiquity for teaching everyday morality in life.