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Dvipada In Hindu Astrology Related To Horoscope Matching

Dvipada is an important category in Hindu astrology associated with horoscope matching. When the horoscopes of prospective couples are matched for ascertaining as to which combination would ensure a happy nuptial union, there are many different parameters in the horoscopes of the potential groom and bride that are tallied. One of them is Vashya. Dvipada is one such category in these matching operations. This name is given to the degrees in a particular zodiac sign or signs.

The 12 rashis are divided into five vashyas. While the whole of zodiac sign Gemini (Mithuna rashi), Libra (Tula) and the first half of the sign Sagittarius (Dhanu) are called dvipada signs. The latter half of Dhanu, the entire Mesha (Aries), the first half of Makar (Capricorn), the whole of Taurus (Vrishabha) and Simha (Leo) are called Chatushpada signs.

Scorpio comes under sarpa (reptile) category and Cancer comes under kita (worm category), the whole of Aquarius, Pisces and the last half of Capricorn come under jalacara (aquatic) category.

The compatibility of these rashis is then tested in accordance with the normal established definition of their mutuality.

For example, chatushada category is not held compatible with the kita category, while dvipada may be compatible with jalacara category. Thus the moon sign of the body is matched with that of the girl with respect to the degrees the moon has gained in the signs under consideration.

Apart from this, the positional, directional and the natural strengths of the rashi are also determined. Normally the dvipada signs are more powerful during daytime particularly if they happen to be the kendras (First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth houses) in the given horoscope. Also, the dvipada signs are male signs and naturally, their computability will be better with female signs under given conditions.