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Do Puja Of This Particular Shivling For Child Birth

Shiva is Mahadev, Pashupati and Bholenath and he blesses his devotees easily and fulfills their desires. It is said that doing puja of a particular type of Shivling helps in childbirth in family. Those couples and people wishing to have children can do the following puja. Please note that such believes are widely prevalent among people in North and western parts of India. It is based on local tradition and not based on Hindu scriptures. As people get positive result after such puja, they keep doing it.

The puja should be done Monday in the morning and during Pradosh period – just before sunset.

The Shivling to which puja should be offered should be made of Parad or mercury.

Offering water to Parad Shivling helps in all difficulties associated with having children.

Start the puja on a Monday.

Keep a Parad Shivling in the northeast corner of the house. Light lamp using pure cow ghee. 108 drops of water should be dropped on the Shivling. Offer white color flowers. Offer Bhasma. Offer white color sweets.

Chant the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya" 108 times.

From next day onwards only offer water to Shivling and chant the mantra. Do it till child birth in the family.