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Darshapurnamasa In Hindu Religion For Newly Married couples

 Darshapurnamasa in Hindu religion a period starting from Amavasya (no moon day) and ending with Purnima (full moon day). Darsham here means Amavasya and Poornam here means full moon. The period is great significance for new married couples.

The first Amavasya to Purnima after marriage is observed as Darshapuramasa by married couples. The belief is that newly married couples should stay together during the period. They should not change their place and should stay in the same area.

The newly married couple should strictly sleep together during the Darshapurnamasa period.

All family and community rituals and prayers should be performed during the period.

It is believed that the couple will have better understanding and they will be blessed with healthy children if they stay together during the Darshapurnamasa period.