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Avasravam In Hindu Temples In Kerala

Avasravam is a cleansing ritual performed in Hindu temples in Kerala. Popularly known as Avasravan Thalikkal, it is a shuddhi kalasam. It is performed after an ashuddhi or bad incident to the temple structure. If birds are found dead in any part of the temple building or nests are found in the temple then Avasravam is performed. The ritual is also performed annually in some temples.

In the ritual, a portion of kalasabhishekam (water mixed with holy items) meant for the main murti in the temple is collected in a vessel and it is poured on the spots where ashuddhi was spotted. The sprinkling is known as Avasrava Prokshanam.

All the vessels used for the ritual will have Kurcham and Karukapullu in it especially taken from the abhishekam.

The water is also sprinkled on Parivara Devatas in the temple.