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If You Want To Be A Superstar

Many of our idols, icons, superstars, and mentors convey something in public but are different in real life. They convey to public happiness, positivity, good health, addiction free…they are sunshine …brilliant… They are paid for doing all this. But no one is aware of the murkiness and gloom in their life.

Superstars are people who do not have freedom. They have surrendered their freedom. They have sold their freedom for money and fame. Their freedom of movement and speech is constantly monitored. Poor souls cannot even comment on anything in life. Even there casual talk might fetch them an FIR (a police case).

Along with fame and fortune comes the fear of failure, fear of fading away from the limelight, fear of losing popularity…superstars are full of fears. This different types of fear make them depressed, low, weepy, unhappy, dejected, moody, suicidal and spiritless.

These poor souls find it difficult to have a proper personal life as many times their screen and professional life creates problems in personal life.

They have to face hostile reviewers, journalists, and the public. They are answerable for all what their characters do on screen.

Superstars repeatedly give fake interviews full of cheerfulness and ease. They hide their emotions. They are like blocked and harnessed rivers. They are used to the maximum by people. Many people thrive and make a living out of superstars. Their every movement is captured and sold. Their words are twisted. People put their words into the mouth of superstars and create controversies.

A genuine holding of hand…a genuine hug will open floodgates of emotion from our six-pack superstars and astute modern actresses.

They come across as happy and dynamic but often they feel otherwise. They work terribly hard to keep their real emotions hidden.

Even their real tears are reported as fake.

But If You Want To Be A Superstar …

  • But still, if you want to be a superstar then your idol and mentor should be Sri Krishna.
  • Always live in the present without any kind of attachment.
  • Do not value applauses and boos.
  • Concentrate and do what you like the best.
  • Forget reviewers and critics. Always give your best. Forget once the work is finished. Do not carry the burden of an old workaround.
  • Do not do to others what you will not do to yourself and your dear ones.
  • Keep tight control over your finances.
  • Do not be an emotionally weak person so that others can take advantage of you.
  • Do not expect love, kindness, mercy, and understanding from others.
  • Do not have blind faith in anyone. 
  • Know who are your real friends and who are your enemies. Do not hurt anyone for selfish gains. But do not give your enemies a second chance. Deal with them like Sri Krishna dealt with them in the battle of Kurukshetra.
  • Always keep the Bhagavad Gita near you. It is the best guide and philosopher in the life of both common man and superstar.