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What To Avoid In Life And What To Embrace - Hinduism Teachings

Hinduism teachings on what to avoid in life and what to embrace.

What we are in life is the result of our thoughts and upbringing. If we are filled with positive thoughts; and live in a positive environment, it will reflect in our life. Here is a list of things that we should avoid in life. Avoid them and embrace positive things to drive out negative forces from life.

Keep a Tulsi plant where you live and worship it daily. This is highly beneficial in keeping out all kinds of negative energy. This is also good from the point of health.

Women should not untie hair at night. This as per many cultures invites negative forces. Men should also avoid doing hair at night. All kinds of caring and treatment of hair should be done before sunset. Similarly, nails should not be cut after sunset.

Chemical fragrance, very strong perfume and other unnatural good smelling things should be completely avoided. They should not be used in the home after sunset. Negative forces will be attracted to such strong smell and they will enter the house and cause rift among family members.

Never look back after lighting the pyre of the dead. All items used by the dead person should be removed from the house. Constantly remembering the dead person will make it difficult for the person to leave the present form. Such souls will start causing problems.

Pregnant woman should always avoid strong smell perfumes and fragrant water. They should eat proper food. Keep a low profile and always chant a mantra. Negative forces and unsatisfied souls are constantly on the lookout to find a body to reside.

The body is diseased and not the mind. Never allow the mind to drop its guard. Body ailments can be solved through medicine and exercise. But if we have a weak mind, then it will cause more damage to the body. Negative energy resides in the weak mind. So always keep your mind positive.

Eat fresh and good food. Avoid unhealthy eating habits. Exercise daily. Put a tulsi leaf in a glass of water at night. Drink it in the morning. This will help in flushing all kinds of negative energy from the body. Offer prayers to the rising sun daily and meditate for few minutes.

Live in a room, which is ventilated. Light a lamp using cow ghee in the morning and evening. Offer a simple prayer. A dingy, unclean and cluttered place is an open invitation to all kinds of negative forces.

Read Bhagavad Gita daily. Just a one stanza each.