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True Perfection Is Not Following Set Patterns And Set Standards

There is a madness to be perfect and excel in everything. Everyone wants to be the best. This insensible competitiveness and the never-ending zeal to outshine others have stopped us from being silly and fun loving. We have forgotten to have a good laugh at ourselves because our ego is exceedingly inflated from a young age.

We overreact, we have become prickly and do not know how to laugh and let go. We know longer are ready to forgive and forget.

Everyone is trying to be perfect and excel in everything

Perfection for many is following the set pattern or set standards. There is no creativity. There is no silliness and absurdity. There are no silly mistakes. When we make silly mistakes, we laugh at ourselves and then we feel good and worry less. Quite often, it is these silly mistakes that tickle the creativity in us.

When we want to excel in everything, we are not ready to face negative comments and events. We do not know how to face adversities in life. We have been taking our things and ourselves too seriously that we are not ready to accept failures and disappointments. Such people radiate negative energy and end up mentally and physically broken.

When we are ready to laugh at ourselves, we also learn to forgive our silliness and mistakes.

Similarly, we will be ready to forgive others.

Learn to break the rules of society. There is no need to abide them always. It is ok to rebel, let go and be silly.

The world is burdened with tension and stress, why should we join them.

You need not be always serious in life. Stop paying too much attention to oneself. Always be a learner. Never be the learned. So no one can humiliate you because you are a learner in life. When you are a learner, you can be silly, make mistakes and be creative.