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Simple Steps to Forgive Someone

If we wish to lead an insightful and meaningful life, then it is a must that we make forgiveness a habit. Peace and prosperity are only possible through forgiveness. Here are 10 steps to forgiveness.

First and foremost we need to understand that no external force can hurt our soul. What people are hurting is our ego – it is unreal. There is no I. There is only one single supreme source and it cannot be hurt. The one hurting and the one getting hurt are both living in the unreal.

Simple Steps to Forgive Someone

When you feel you are hurt, you need understand the situation properly and you should be able to narrate it properly. You should not become emotional and be carried away. Write it down. Look for ways to solve it positively.

When you carry animosity, it will only hurt you. It is not going to damage others. So forgiveness is for you not for the other person. Learn to forgive to make your life better.

It is not necessary that you should continue to be in a relationship with the person whom you have forgiven. You can forgive and move on. There is no need to tolerate, reconcile, or reunite with such a person. You can search for something better without having any grudge.

Never react before getting a right perspective on what is happening. Look into various angles and understand the matter well before reacting.

When you are upset, immediately start chanting a small mantra. This will make sure that your body is not getting agitated. Never allow your intelligence and decision making to be clouded.

Your happiness is in your hands; never expect other people to give it.

Set positive goals. Instead of chasing people who hurt you, use that energy to improve your life.

Forgiveness is heroic. Only the strong can forgive.

Leading a happy, prosperous and successful life in spite of all setbacks and upsets is the best way to retaliate to all those who have wronged you.