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Santana Gopala – About The Santhana Gopala Form Of Sri Krishna

Santana Gopala is one of the popular forms of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. In this form, Lord Krishna is a baby. He is not yet weaned from his mother’s breast. He is represented in the arms of Maa Yashoda. This form of Bhagavan is known as Santana Gopala.

Temples dedicated to this form of Sri Krishna is found in many places in India.

It must be noted that Bala Krishna with butter in his hands is different from Santana Gopala.

A popular fasting known as Santhana Gopala Vratham is observed by married couple for healthy children. People also perform Santhana Gopala puja for healthy children in the family.

A popular Santhana Gopala temple is located at Changanacherry in Kerala.