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Hanuman Temple in Bhopal – Miracle Story - Sant Kamali Hanuman Mandir

Sant Kamali Hanuman Mandir is an ancient miracle Hanuman Temple at Hanuman Ganj area in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. The temple was built by Sant Kamali, who was an ardent devotee of Hanuman. Sant Kamali is said to have performed numerous miracles during his lifetime. The temple was built during the 19th century. The shrine is located near Hanuman Ganj Thana or police station.

Sant Kamali Hanuman Mandir Story

Legend has it that Sant Kamali used to blow conch during the early morning hours as part of his prayers to Lord Hanuman below a peepal tree in the present location of the shrine. Begum Shahjahan, the then ruler of Bhopal, took offence to this. She ordered the Sant to stop blowing the conch during early morning hours. But Sant did not stop blowing the conch.

Begum Shahjahan ordered the Sant to be executed. But when soldiers reached the peepal tree they found the Sant dead.

Next day morning the conch sound was heard again. This time Begum Shahjahan asked his soldiers to behead the Sant and cut his hands and legs. When the soldiers reached the peepal tree, they found Sant to be beheaded with legs and hands cut off.

Next day morning the conch sound was heard again. Begum Shahjahan personally went to investigate the mystery. There she heard the conch sound but Sant Kamali was not seen.

She realized the greatness of the Sant. Soon the Sant appeared and told her that he will keep performing his pujas and rituals. Impressed by his piety, the queen gave him the land to build a Hanuman mandir.

The Hanuman murti in the temple faces south. There are three Ardhi Shila or murtis in the temple. One is of nine feet, one is of three feet and another is of two feet. All of them are facing south.

There is a statue of Sant Kamali in the temple complex. The conch blown by him can be seen in the shrine.